Canon Optura 200MC MiniDV 1.3 Mega-pixel Camcorder
by Telly Scotchmeyer for Digital Living Today

Canon's highly successful Optura 100MC has been jammed with new features and released as the Optura 200 MC MiniDV 1.3 Mega-pixel Camcorder. Both a camcorder and a still digital camera, the 200MC combines useful features into one compact and versatile home machine. Using digital technology to record onto MiniDV cassettes, the 200MC utilizes its FireWire port to allow you to export your data with "no-loss" dubbing. An optical image stabilizer removes the inadvertent bumps and shakes from the filming process, qualifying even the most inexperienced photographer to stand behind the camera.

The 10x optical zoom allows you to adjust your image size, but when it's boosted by the digital zoom technology, you can enlarge your subject by up to 200 times -- useful when you want to capture detail at a distance. Add to all this a built-in flash for still pictures, compatibility with Canon printers that allows direct-from-the-camera printing, and a built-in viewfinder and LCD screen so you can choose how you want to view your subjects as you shoot. The Optura 200MC is an excellent all-in-one solution for the consumer interested in making the leap into digital video and still photography. Available at Amazon.

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