Panasonic DVD-RV32K
by Telly Scotchmeyer for Digital Living Today

It's now a matter of course that a standard sized DVD player can play DVD-Rs, CDs, and VCDs, in addition to the DVD that gives the player its name. Panasonic's DVD-RV32K DVD Player can handle MP3-CDs as well, giving you an all-in-one, inexpensive, high-quality DVD player that comes with all the bells and whistles you need to hone a perfect image from your DVDs. In addition, the RV32K offers an excellent user interface to play audio MP3 CDs. Not only can you see the entire track name of the MP3 in the RV32K's display, but you also have access to the directory tree of the disc, allowing you to see how files are organized. A full-featured remote allows you to do everything without leaving the couch. The entire construction of the RV32K has a sturdy feel. Joined with the versatility of the software, the quality of the display, and the reasonable price, Panasonic's DVD-RV32K is a no-brainer. The unit comes in silver or black.

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