Calling Dick Tracy
by Nate Hasley for Digital Living Today

It took over fifty years for one of cartoonist Chester Gould's techno-visions to come to life, but finally, Motorola has developed a very Dick Tracy-like two-way wrist phone. And while it doesn't have the more advanced two-way video feature envisioned later in Gould's strip, other features, like Internet connectivity, push the concept further than anything Gould could have imagined.

The phone, called the Accompli, will be released in late 2000. The GSM cellular phone will include the usual 100-number speed dialable address book, but an added feature is an infrared (IR) port that will let you sync that list with your PC or palmtop. Even more impressive is voice-activated dialing, which will let you bark a quick "call the chief!" into your wrist to be put in touch with your superiors (or your S.O.).

Though it has a very small screen, the watch phone will still let you grab short messages or email, receive news and stock updates, weather forecasts, and even surf the Web through a WAP browser. Since the tiny screen will not make for comfortable browsing, the IR port will let your palm- or laptop use the phone as a wireless modem.

The Accompli will come with a hands-free ear-bud headset. Additional accessories in the works include a speakerphone with clip-on wrist or lapel speaker, car kit, and a possible wireless ear-bud headphone. For those who don't want their meetings interrupted with "calling Dick Tracy," the vibrating alert can be enabled to let you know when a call is coming in.

While Motorola Accompli may not give you the detective skills, or the fashionable wardrobe, of our famous comic hero, you

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