YOUR DOUGH: Makin' It and Workin' It
Your Dough covers everything from getting the best job, to tools to help you manage all the money you're earning.

SLACK TIME: Play, the High-Tech Way
Whether you're planning a trip, playing video games, or indulging in some mild vices, Slack Time gives you the digital edge in your leisure time.

CRIB: State-of-the-Art House and Home
Let Crib be your guide to creating your 21st-century dream pad. We cover the coolest tools and systems for your home, and investigate the emerging technologies that will be de rigeur in the house of the future.

CARTOON: Digital Living Handy Reference Cards
Mark Frauenfelder's monthly comic provides you with reference cards that cast a humorous eye upon the quirks of our digital society. Collect them all!

Amazing little must-have gadgets you never knew you needed, to help bring cutting-edge technology into your everyday life. Gizmo features a wide range of fascinating products, from MP3 players to wristwatch digital cameras.


Gareth Branwyn is a well-known "cyberculture" personality. He has written five books on technology, pop culture and the Internet and is a regular contributor to Wired, The Industry Standard, Esquire and The Baltimore Sun. Gareth has also served as a geek to the stars, offering consulting services to Lily Tomlin, Billy Idol, filmmaker Errol Morris and others. He's appeared on Entertainment Tonight, MSNBC, CNBC and numerous other TV and radio programs. Gareth is Digital Living Today's Managing Editor.

Mark Frauenfelder contributes to Wired, Yahoo Internet Life, Industry Standard and many other Internet lifestyle and business magazines. Mark is the co-creator of bOING bOING, a legendary pop culture magazine, and co-author of the critically-acclaimed Happy Mutant Handbook: Mischievous Fun for Higher Primates . He is also a professional cartoonist who's drawn for TNT, Industry Standard, Wired, Prodigy and Mark is a contributing writer and illustrator for Digital Living Today.

Carla Sinclair is the author of the best-selling Net Chick: A Girl's Guide to the Wired World and Signal to Noise, a semi-autobiographical novel about life in San Francisco's multimedia gulch. Carla was named one of Esquire magazine's Women We Love and one of Newsweek's people to watch. She's written for Wired, Yahoo Internet Life and other offline and online magazines. Carla is a contributing writer for Digital Living Today.

David Pescovitz writes for The Industry Standard, New Scientist, I.D., Scientific American and numerous other technology and science publications. Pescovitz has also written about technology, art, and culture for the LA Times, New York Times, Washington Post, MTV, Spin, and the Encyclopaedia Britannica Online. David is a contributing writer for Digital Living Today.

Joe Ashbrook Nickell writes for Wired News, Industry Standard, Business 2.0 and other Internet business publications. He was co-creator of ROX TV, a Bloomington cable access program that was called one of the best shows on television by Wired magazine. Joe is a contributing writer for Digital Living Today.

Virginia Vitzthum is Salon's sex columnist. She has written for Tina Brown's Talk and writes regularly on relationships for and DC's City Paper. Virginia is a contributing writer for Digital Living Today.

Matthew Hawn is a former anchor and producer of MSNBC's The Site. He is an ace digital culture and technology reporter who's written for numerous Ziff-Davis publications, has produced and starred in several ZDTV programs and writes for Wired, Street Tech and Sony Style. Matthew is a contributing writer for Digital Living Today.

Sean Carton is a well-respected writer and commentator on life in the digital age. He co-owns Carton Donofrio Interactive, a Web development company, in Baltimore, MD, and writes regularly on Internet business, marketing and culture. Sean is a contributing writer for Digital Living Today.

Mikki Halpin is the former editor of Prodigy's STIM, a webzine directed at 20-30 somethings. Mikki has also written for numerous women's magazine, Filmmaker magazine, and was an editor at Ben is Dead, LA's legendary fringe culture magazine. She has also written for MTV News. Mikki is a contributing writer for Digital Living Today.

Nate Heasley is a freelance writer who regularly contributes to and the Plugged In section of the Baltimore Sun. He spends his spare time working his way through law school.

Yvonne Seng is a cultural historian who writes and consults in Washington DC. A sort of female Indiana Jones, Yvonne is home in the cavernous archives of the Smithsonian and studying dead languages and technologies in remote Middle Eastern monasteries. She is currently writing a book exploring the intersection of faith and technology in the Middle East. She is also an avid gardener and wields a mean hammer around the house.

Scott Bass is a freelance writer who also runs a market research business from his home and handles the business affairs of (where he also DJs one of the longest-running Web radio shows). When not working, Scott tries to take time out to enjoy the simple things in life, like eating beef jerky and water bombing squirrels in his local park.

Kit Waskom is an ad agency refugee based in Baltimore, Maryland. A marketing consultant and copywriter, she also writes on current trends in retail and pop culture. Kit is a contributing writer for Digital Living Today.