Canon S830D Photo Printer
by Telly Scotchmeyer for Digital Living Today

Want to hold your digital camera's images in your hand? Consider Canon's S830D Photo Printer. Compatible with most memory sticks, and directly enabled to make a USB2 connection with most Canon digital cameras, the S830D is a digital photo printer that doesn't need a computer to do its job. The image resolution of the S830D (2400x1200 dpi) is high enough to print 8x10 prints with no visible granulation, and the six ink cartridges are made in such a way that they can be replaced individually, based on use, rather than as an entire color cartridge that holds all the colors in one case. And if you do have a computer that needs to print documents from time to time, the S830D is a durable, high-speed, high-resolution printer that will serve you well.

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