Flat is Phat
by Nate Heasley for Digital Living Today

The latest trend in video displays in not bigger, it's flatter. And not just flat as in front-of-the-screen flat, we're talking downright two-dimensional. For a few extra dollars (OK, so it's quite a few extra dollars, at $1,697) you can have the Samsung 170MP (www.samsung-monitor.com), the latest in flat-panel LCD computer monitors. And for those who have more than pixel pushing in mind, it also doubles as a bleeding-edge TV set.

The Samsung 170MP is a high-quality 17-inch LCD display that makes a superb computer monitor (a 15-inch version is also available.) The super-fast refresh rate and stunning 16.7 million colors make it perfect for the cramped desktop. Because it is an LCD screen, there is very little radiation emitted, and very little power consumption. The maximum screen resolution is 1280 x 1024, and the text and picture are crisp and easy to read with no flicker.

But what makes this monitor stand out is the integrated TV tuner and multiple video inputs. Either connected to a computer playing a DVD off of the drive, or standalone, hooked up to cable or a VCR, the Samsung displays from any video source. Standard video inputs for S-Video, antennae or RGB allow connection to any home theater, but it also includes its own stereo speakers. It can also be attached to a video camera or video game machine. It comes with a remote control, and a folding stand. It can be mounted to the wall for unobtrusive viewing, too. Since it weighs a mere 15 pounds, it can easily be moved from room to room (or taken home from the office), and the wide 80-degree viewing angle offers an excellent picture from just about any angle.

The Samsung 170MP is a fabulous productivity tool, or at least, that’s what you want to tell your accountant/purchasing manager. Hidden within that tool is an equally awesome entertainment device. Placed in a cabinet, propped up on a bookshelf, or hung from a wall, the 170MP makes a great addition to any media junky’s set of works (but don’t mention any of this to the accountant).

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