Philips 15PF9925
by Telly Scotchmeyer for Digital Living Today

From the classy folks at Philips comes a classy 15-inch LCD television. The 15PF9925 is thin, stands on a beautiful "arch" stand, and displays vivid color on its active matrix 1024x768 LCD screen. Equipped with all the latest picture enhancing systems, such as a digital comb filter and progressive scan, a fine sounding pair of stereo speakers and a wide variety of connection options (component video, SVHS, composite video, even a PC connector), the 15PF9925 is ready to go. If you want a fine 15" television that's only two inches deep, the 15PF9925 does the job with the added benefit of elegant design. Before you chicken out and go conventional or go wild and splurge for plasma, consider the 15PF9925. It's an enticing option.

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