Let's Go Out to e-Movies
by Scott Bass for Digital Living Today

With the recent proliferation of broadband delivery options, in addition to online success stories about short film sites like AtomFilms and iFilm, more people are getting excited about and interested in online movies. Sure, in the past, we've had to contend with poor data compression, low bit rates and abysmal selection, but the picture looks better-as evidenced by the increasing number of sites offering full-length streaming content. So nuke a bowl of Jiffy Pop and join us on a little tour of what's playing on the Net-there's no need to show an ID and admission is free!

At LikeTelevision, you'll find classic TV episodes, current weather, and exclusive musical performances, as well as more than a hundred full-length films. The categories range from comedy to horror to documentary, and my all-time favorite genre, cult classics! ("Wild Women of Wongo" is a must-see).




MeTV offers music videos, extreme sports, TV previews, and even cooler than all of that?150 full-length independent and public domain films, all for free-everything from "Godzilla" to "Bruce Lee" and more recent instant cult classics like "Miami Beach Cops" and "Wild Passion."

As the name would imply, Westerns offers 107 Western flicks. The bit rates aren't that hot, but something tells me that to a hardcore fan, the chance to see classics like "Border Feud" and "Honor of the Range" will be hard to pass up at any resolution.

Next time you feel like kicking back to watch a movie and complain that "nothing's on," remember that online something is always on.

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